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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Zambia...The African Safari Country

If you're a lover of safaris, African safaris in particular…then you'll discover why Zambia is Africa's best kept secret. Zambia has become the most enticing destination in African safari. The fast growing prime destination of choice …now acclaimed, and rightly so, the southern Africa Adventure Centre!

And why?

...because of the uniquely varied Zambian safaris. And you can't afford to miss it. So capture the rhythm of the African safaris…the very best of:

  1. Victoria Falls, the majestic and awe-inspiring world heritage.
  2. The experience of the glorious sunsets and exquisite stargazing on the Zambezi.
  3. The mingling with ancient traditions and ceremonies.
  4. Learning the mystic legends.
  5. Seeing abundant wildlife, some of them only found here.
  6. Discovering the pristine wilderness.
  7. And becoming part of the hi-action adrenaline-pumping adventure activities
  8. Enjoying the peoples' warm African welcome.
  9. And meeting a real example of the unit in diversity of 73 ethnic groups.
  10. …all in one friendly country!

Take our advice, lift the "veil". Learn more about Zambia! And you'll discover why Zambia is the award wining country in African safaris…the tenth ranking in "long-haul destinations" and named the "best southern African country" in 2004.

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