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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Zambia Safaris & Africa's Best Kept Secrets

Zambia is cerebrating three special events this year. And thus the reason for the Visit Zambia in 2005 campaign launched last year 2004 by the Zambia National Tourist Board . This is the government regulation board for safari and tourism enterprises in Zambia.

Apart from the Africa’s ‘safari delight’ and Africa’s warm welcome of its people there are three major Africa’s Best Kept Secrets:

1 - Cerebrating the 150 years since Dr David Livingstone sited the Victoria Falls on November 18, 1855.

2 - Cerebrating 100 years since the Zambia’s tourist capital Livingstone was established in 1905
3 - and commemorating the 100th birth day for the peace fighter, the former United Nations Secretary General Dag Hamarskjoeld who died at Ndola in Zambia on September 18, 1961 while on a peace mission to resolve the civil war in the neighbouring Congo.

But wait a minute! During my school days the history books we read suggested that David Livingstone was the first ‘man’ to see the falls that he named Victoria Falls after the Queen of England, Victoria. But now we know that the local Kololo people living near the falls before the 1800s knew of its existence. They called it “Mosi-oa-Tunya” directly translated to “the smoke that thunders”.

And it does thunder as the water cascades over the cliff that formed the falls. And the plumes are seen over 30 km away.


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