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Monday, May 23, 2005

LEO Gears Up Zambia Safari

The Livingstone Events Organisation (LEO) one of the organisers of the visit Zambia campaign has arranged FREE helicopter flights. These are on offer to residents of Livingstone town Zambia’s safari and tourist capital. These flights will be provided by the same copters that tourists enjoy using when they fly past and over the Victoria Falls. It’s a rare sight not to be forgotten, not too soon anyway!

United Air Charter otherwise known as "The Flight of Angels" in conjunction with Livingstone Lodge are offering this scenic flight which normally entertain tourists for 30 minutes. The helicopters are very comfortable, state of the art Eurocopters and Bell helicopters. They’re smart with immaculate maintenance and safety standard.

"The helicopter flight gives you a stunning view on the Victoria Falls as it flies slower and lower than a fixed wing aircraft, offering you excellent photo opportunities," says their web site.

In all 42 free flights to Livingstone residents are on offer as part of the Visit Zambia 2005 campaign. People will be chosen randomly and will enjoy a free ride in the chopper designed for the pleasure of tourists. It will start with a “Road Show” and end up with the free flights on 23 and 24 May this year.

Janice Reul deputy CEO of Livingstone Events Organisation (LEO) announced this recently. This is part of the events in the commemoration of the centenary celebrations of Livingstone and 150 years since Dr David Livingstone, extraordinary explorer, missionary and medical doctor first saw the Victoria Falls on November 16, 1855.


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