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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Zambian Airway’s Cheap Flights to Dubai

Zambian Airways recently launched the Lusaka-Dubai flight ie (Zambia to United Arab Emirates) on June 17. This new route is so popular that the air tickets are already sold out for July. Zambian Airways has introduced three flights a week to Dubai. The ticket only costs about 200 US dollars one-way. That’s Zambia safari connecting you to the Middle East.

Zambian Airways chief executive officer Don MacDonald said there was a huge public response to the newly introduced Lusaka-Dubai flight dubbed 'Dufly'. MacDonald advises that people wishing to fly to Dubai should make early bookings.

Dubai is both a tourist destination and a commercial center. The city is built for tourism and has excellent hotels, resorts, shops and sports facilities throughout the year. And remember, Dubai has the world’s most luxurious hotels such as the 7 star Burj Al Arab Hotel.

At 400 US dollars round trip the air ticket, excluding taxes, is the lowest rate for getting out of Lusaka to Dubai …and at this low cost you’ll be back to resume your Zambia safari as if nothing interrupted it.


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