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Monday, June 13, 2005

Zambia Safari and the World Cup Soccer

The Zambian no 1 sport is soccer…otherwise known as football. Up until now Livingstone has only been known for safaris because it’s the home of the Victoria Falls and the Adventure Centre of Southern Africa.

But now behold. In seizing a rare opportunity the civic fathers of Livingstone City Council have happily granted the ministry of sport 20 hectares of land for the construction of a 30,000-seater ultra modern soccer stadium. George Kalenga, the Livingstone Town Clerk, disclosed recently. In one stroke the municipal has married Zambia safari with soccer!

The Livingsrone Stadium complex with a shopping mall will be constructed in readiness for the 2010 World Cup Soccer finals billed for South Africa. The stadium will take about three years to build and will be on offer for camping of qualifying teams the World Cup final.

Rev. Gladys Nyirongo, the Zambian Minister of Sports announced that the Zambian government plans to build two more stadia complexes that will cater for other sports as well. Both will have shopping malls too!

One stadium will be built in Lusaka next to the present Independence Stadium and will seat 65,000 spectators. The other stadium will be located in Ndola about 300 kilometres north of Lusaka. This stadium will be built on the site of the demolished Dag Hammerskjoeld Stadium. It was named after the late Secretary General of United Nations who died in a plane crash near Ndola on September 18, 1961. Hammerskjeold was on his way to resolve the DR Congo’s civil war.

Now don’t laugh at this! In 1988, Zambia was to host the African football showpiece, the Cup of African Nations tournament. In their wisdom, and governments do think they’re wise, planned to demolish the old Dag Hammerskjeold Stadium in order to replace it with an ultra modern spots complex. The demolition happened but the sports stadium did not materialize…

But happily Zambia the African safari and tourism keep getting better.


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