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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Coffee Safari Exhibition in Zambia

Consider a visit to Livingstone during the first weekend of March (3rd to 5th). Zambia is hosting the second Eastern African Fine Coffee Association (EAFCA) regional conference. Also happening at the same time is the second World’s Wildest Coffee conference.

Robert Nsibirwa, the executive director of EAFCA said the second African fine coffee conference will also be an exhibition. A safari exhibition for the finest coffees grown around this part of Africa!

The EAFCA organises the regional conferences. This one, which is the second regional conference and exhibition, brings together coffee buyers and producers to interact, develop business relationships, share knowledge and establish market links.

EAFCA is a member-driven association of specialty coffee producers, processors and marketers from 10 countries in the eastern and central African region. The countries are Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. Others are Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe

During the conference and exhibition the best two coffees from each country’s national competitions will be tested. An international panel will choose the highest scoring coffee. This will be presented to the Association for Specialty Coffee Industry Conference in Seattle Washington, USA in April 2005.

At this EAFCA and Wildest Coffee conference there'll be a meet the farm coffee safari in Mazabuka It’s really an open day coffee farm visit. Mazabuka is nicknamed the sweetest town in Zambia owing to its huge sugar plantation. Hey its Ilovo Sugar that owns the farm and the nearby sugar refinery.

For the first time Zambia Coffee Growers Association will present roasted coffee samples to the Trade Association for Specialty Coffee standards for submission for evaluation at the regions Taste of Harvest in Livingstone, Zambia .


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