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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

World Tourism Organisation and Zambia Safari

Come September this year Zambia will host a seminar for World Tourism Orgainsation (WTO). Patrick Kalifungwa, President of the African Travel Association and Zambia’s minister of tourism announced this recently. It’s another kudu for Zambia safari.

This seminar will discuss ways to upgrade, enrich and empower tourism operators and experts in Africa. They will share experiences and best practices on tourism quality and systems. It will be a safari capacity building in an atmosphere that only Zambia safari can come up with.

What are the challenges? Product quality, market access, air access, finances and human skills are some of the real issues in tourism development in Africa. Above all, there is the image of the African continent as a unique safari destination. These and many other issues will be discussed at a round table in order to raise African safaris to a higher level.

And Zambia’s safari , just as Africa’s safaris are poised to become the 21st century world tourism destination.


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