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Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Chinese Back Zambia Safari

A ten-man Chinese group from the Federation of African and Middle East Merchants (FAMEM) were in Zambia. They were invited to sample Zambia safari...and decisions were made...

"We want to invest in the Zambian tourism industry," Ronald Lam chairman of FAMEM and delegation leader announced. The Chinese were visiting Livingstone, which by the way is the hometown of the Victoria Falls. Now the Chinese have also joined the Zambian safari song!

No doubt the populous China and its galloping economy will have an impact on Zambia safari. Accommodation problems will be a thing of the past. Just visualize it. Chinese architecture at the Victoria Falls!

"We are here for tourism purposes, we want to help Zambia improve the tourism sector. We will try our best to bring in our investors, especially the small and medium scale investors, because they are the ones who matter most. Most of the Chinese tourists had been going to Egypt, Kenya and other places, but we want to try and divert their attention to Zambia," said Lam. Wow!

Chairman of commerce in the ruling MMD party in Zambia Sebastian Kopulande said, "Zambia needs to improve its tourism facilities in order for the country to accommodate large numbers of Chinese tourists that would soon start visiting Zambia."

...And our advice? Come’n in before they trample all the pristine wilderness or, ...wait for the palate of Chinese cuisine soon to come...


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