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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

National Heritage Powers Zambia Safari

The National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC) has developed four heritage site for Zambia safari. Donald Chikumbi, the Director of National Museum Board of Zambia announced recently. These sites are little known waterfalls in Zambia. By the way, there are eight waterfalls besides the Victoria Falls. The sites have been improved to ensure visitors’ comfort. You see, the comfort was non-existent before.

Remember Zambia still remains pristine in many places, what with a population density of only 13 people per square kilometre. The bush has remained unspoiled.

  1. At Chishimba Falls; paved walking trails have been made. One can keep the grass out of their eyes as they walk about enjoying the scenic view.
  2. Lumangwe Falls on Kalungwishi River is a miniature Victoria Falls complete with thunder, the ever present smoke (mist), a small rainy forest with evergreen vegetation and a sandy beach where the water drops thirty metres below. When you visit you’ll no doubt be reminded of the Victoria Falls. Up stream of the same river is another waterfalls. It’s called
  3. “Kabwelume Falls.” Here a road and walking trails have been made to connect the two falls. A curio shop has been constructed and stone walkways and viewing points have been erected at the falls.
  4. At Kilubwa Falls near Solwezi town in northwestern Zambia, another curio shop has been erected. The walkway has also been paved.

But NHCC has new plans for Zambia safari. They are developing a museum at Lundazi town in eastern Zambia. It will be called “Ntembwe” Community Museum.

But Lundazi is rather an interesting place. It has Zambia’s only castle…yes a castle as in a fortress. The Germany architecture is very evident here. And perhaps the castle will constitute part of the museum?


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