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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Women in Tourism and Zambia Safari

The Association for Women in Tourism (AWIT) is to set up a "tourism cultural village" on the shores of Lake Bangweulu in the town of Samfya Chris Chilongo executive director for AWIT has said. That is the Zambian women now ‘dig into’ the Zambia safari.

You see, Bangweulu in Luapula Province is the home of the colourful Umtomboko Traditional Ceremony of the Lunda people. The traditional ceremony is due to take place some time in July. But then no fixed date has been picked yet. The chief chooses the date based on traditional beliefs and the times. Call it "sniffing in the air," looking at the weather or watching the moon’s position… but the chief knows what to look for and it works all the time.

Lake Bangweulu is surrounded by the No 10 largest wetland in Africa and the largest in Zambia. Do you know the greatest surprise…? The sands on the beach of this inland natural lake are the whitest found in Zambia. As a result it’s a target for developers of safari lodges. And AWIT has acquired a piece of land from one of the chiefs near Lake Bangweulu to build a "tourism cultural village." Apart from the white sands the surrounding swamps are home to the endemic red lechwe that fill the flood plains.

Mr Chilongo said the Association for Women in Tourism plans to set up another tourism cultural village…a twin to be built in Chief Bundabunda’s area in Chongwe district. That’s about 60 kilometres east of Lusaka. Both tourism villages will showcase the local culture under the concept of community tourism.

The Chongwe village will be established at the Chinyunyu hot springs found in a small valley. The concept is a tourism village surrounded by lodges and tourist facilities. So investors are invited.

Are you game? There are many other tourism opportunities in Zambia.

Cultural tourism is different. It is not wildlife tourism which is common everywhere. Cultural tourism is as unique as the people themselves. And Zambian culture is unique and that is what the tourism villages will strive to provide visitors.


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