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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Now Its Cutting and Polishing of Gemstone

Bobbili Gems, (BG) a subsidiary of Silicon Zambia Limited is a new comer in gemstone industry in Zambia. Other than sale uncut stones like they have done in the past BG have joined the lucrative business of cutting and polishing gemstone. This has made the market value of their products literally “jump through the roof.”

Traditionally GM has been processing jewellery. They do their jewellery business from the superb five-star luxury premises of the Taj Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka. So when next in Lusaka Zambia’s capital city check them out at the Taj Pamodzi.

CEO of Silicon Zambia Vasu Reddy said his company started operations in Zambia in 2000. Reddy is happy that the company has now started to add value to their products. GM is now cutting and polishing precious stones.

“Zambia produces a lot of world class gemstones but countries that hardly produce any gemstone are market leaders in the export of finished products” bemoaned Reddy.

Bobbili Gems’ gets all its raw materials from Zambia. So apart from its great safari assets Zambia is just about the largest producer of raw emerald gemstones besides from Brazil.


  • At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Bobbili S Reddy said…

    Bobbili Gems is opening another sales outlet in FALLS Park, Livingstone, the tourist capital of Zambia.

    The shop is likely to open by middle of July. All the international tourists will have oppertunity to appreciate and buy Zambian Gemstones and Etnic Jewelelery.
    For long time the need to have such shop in livingstone was felt and it is going to be a reality.

    Between Livingstone and Lusaka, there is not a place where our women can buy even a silver chain.

    Recently Bobbili Gems has started making wedding rings for the couple getting engaged or married. Hetherto people had to depend on cheap and ordinary rings from the super markets. Rich ordered them from RSA and Zimbabwe. Keeping the ever increasing middle class in Zambia, Bobbili Gems introduced elegent elgant engagement rings and wedding bands locally made using ethnic Zambian Gemstones and 18K/22K Gold. Most interestingly, the the rings are custom made. From a large collection of designs, customers can actually design their own rings.The cost of wedding set, concisting of one engagement ring and two wedding bands is around K 1.5 to K 1.7 Million. Depending on the type of stone selected by the customer, cost can be adjusted downwards.

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