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Monday, March 07, 2005

Zambia…the Essence of Real Africa Safaris

Zambia Safaris offer great appeal for those who want to experience the real Africa, with the wildness and rugged beauty of its sanctuaries becoming increasingly attractive to many adventurers. Favourite stalking ground for the avid safari enthusiast are the wildlife reserves of South Luangwa and Kafue National Parks, while the Lower Zambezi Valley is a tapestry of waterways, and magnificent fauna and flora.

Visit the Livingstone area now Zambia’s proud showcase in tourism and what is really an African safari…teeming wildlife, pristine wilderness and Africa’s smiling people…all in one friendly country!

Enjoy the theme-designed accommodations with a very African essence right on the banks of one of Africa’s great rivers …the Zambezi.

The Zambezi Waterfront Complex
The Zambezi Waterfront is a new and vibrant development complex. It is situated 4 kilometres upstream from the Victoria Falls and opposite Siloka Island. The waterfront is designed to attract the younger more adventurous traveller (and of course the young at heart) who wishes to experience the Great Zambezi River, the wonder of the Victoria Falls and its stunning wildlife without great expense. It is designed to cater for all travellers, from camping facilities to good quality chalet accommodation.

The complex includes a restaurant, shop and the "Adventure Centre" - the ideal spot to arrange all of your one-day activities in Victoria Falls from rafting to bungee jumping to town tours....

Visit Zambia in 2005 for centenary cerebration of Livingstone and 150 years after Dr. David Livgstone sited the Victoria Falls


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