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Friday, June 03, 2005

Now the BBC Supports Zambia Safari

A four-member crew of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is in Zambia. BBC has jumped onto the bandwagon to support the “Visit Zambia 2005” campaign. You see, even the BBC could not avoid noticing this special offer. That Zambia safari and tourism are now recognized as Africa’s best kept secret.

The BBC crew is in Livingstone for two days. On the third day they’ll travel to South Laungwa National Park, Zambia’s premier game reserve. Doris Kofi the Zambia National Tourist Board (ZNTB) public relations manager has confirmed.

Experts have described the South Luangwa National Park as having probably the largest variety and concentration of game in Africa and perhaps in the world too. It’s a vast wildlife sanctuary located in the southern end of the great East African Rift Valley. The park has also been pronounced as one of the finest viewing areas.

The footage that BBC will film of the park’s beautiful scenery and those of the fairytale awe of the Victoria Falls will be made into a documentary. This will be beamed on BBC Channels 1 & 2. So the British …and of course the rest of the world are in for a treat. Look out!

The mystic waterfall, the Victoria Falls , on the wild Zambezi River is the seventh wonder of the world. Because of its attraction to man since time immemorial it has remained shrouded in myth, awe, folklore and many rituals. It continues to amaze humans today as it did during the time of Dr David Livingstone on November 18, 1855, that’s 150 years ago.

Zambia safari go go go!


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