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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Jo'burg-Livingstone Boosts Zambia Safari

Last weekend the South African Airways (SAA) launched its direct flight from Johannesburg to Livingstone. SAA will use Airbus 319 to service this route. The shuttle flights, and it’s a short hop really, will be three times a week. By the way, Livingstone is the capital of Zambian tourism and it’s the southern Africa Adventure Centre.

The launch was on Saturday July 2. SAA officials said they had decided to connect Johannesburg to Livingstone because of the increased tourist travels that Zambia safaris continue to attract. Livingstone is home of the Victoria Falls the flagship of Zambian tourism. But then Zambians are renowned world-class as happy welcoming souls. That’s what makes Zambia as a destination become so popular!

...And Sun International Hotel public relations office Joy Chimba was happy that the hotel resort would take a piece of the ‘safari pie’ ie take care of the visitors’ needs including their accommodation and their palate. Wow!

Livingstone Tourism Association chairman Nicholas Katenekwa described the development as good. The flights will have a positive impact on Zambian tourism. Just imagine what a boost this is to Zambia safari.

Hey...and accommodation must now rise to the challenge ie meet the needs of the happy visitors. Would you like to add the extra magnificent lodgings and sumptuous meals to match the expected increase in visitors to Zambia safari? Why not take this challenge while the competition is still in its infancy? Tourism opportunities are still going begging!


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