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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Zambian Managers Boosts Zambia Safari

Sun International has confirmed 19 senior positions previous held by expatriates to Zambian professionals. Boris Borman Sun International general manger said recently. …And the company has turned into a truly Zambian entity. He said, "…This is in recognition of the competence level of the Zambian staff." That’s one more Zambia safari enterprise run by Zambians!

Some of the positions taken up by Zambians are Sales and Marketing Manager, Public Relations Manger, Human Resources Manager, etc. So the US $ 200,000 budget Sun International has set aside for community development will be run by Zambians. Now it’s Sun International for Zambia safari…

Meanwhile Sun International has opened offices in China, Scandinavian, Russia and India. That will boost tourist arrivals from Europe and Asia for Zambian tourism.


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