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Friday, September 23, 2005

Now it’s Carnival Time in Zambia

Ten days of fun and celebration. The carnival will culminate into a “Visit Zambia 2005” campaign celebration. October is the month. And Zambia commemorates its independence day on October 24. This year’s celebration will be the forty-first. Malumba Malumba the Afri-Arts Consult (AAC) resource person has announced.

The “Visit Zambia 2005” carnival will start from Kitwe the hub of the copper mining industry in Zambia. In ten days the carnival will travel through all the towns along the line of rail through Lusaka the country’s capital city to Livingstone at the Victoria Falls.

Afri-Arts Consult (AAC), a group of young artists, is organising the “Mosi-Os-Tunya” Carnival from October 15 to 24. The carnival will take the form of a parade consisting various replicas from legendary ethnic tales and corporate products.

The parade is designed to animate outdoor opera of culture and corporate images in gigantic sizes. There will be numerous performances from various arts traveling along the road to Livingstone. The carnival will also focus on HIV/AIDS.

Recently AAC held a colourful Cultural and Executive Business Forum (CEBF) at Holiday Inn, Lusaka. The conference encouraged business houses to participate in the carnival.

Chiefness Chiawa, Chief Chipepo, Tourism and Environment deputy minister Neddy Nzowa and many other company executives attended the forum. Zambia safari and traditional culture go hand in hand

During the >“Mosi-Os-Tunya” Carnival companies will brand their vehicles. And on the sides will be escorts wearing bright cultural costumes. A cultural safari on display for ten days!


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