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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

WTO Promotes Quality African Tourism

World Tourism Organisation (WTO) consultant Christophe de Bruyn has called for a management organisation to enforce standards and ensure tourism quality in African destinations. This is to be based on a public-private partnership. The Zambian government couldn’t agree more because standards are so important in tourism.

De Bryun believes the body could also have the responsibility of building capacity among local stakeholders regarding quality issues, priorities and action plans. This organization could also monitor quality improvement programmes and performance indicators.

De Bruyn said the Internet was an important tool for quality endorsement on the global tourism market. A scheme can be established to enable visitors find shops and restaurants they can trust. This scheme would certify shops and restaurants that pass stringent annual assessments. This is the way forward for Zambian tourism.

The effect is quality service and satisfied customers. International tourist arrivals would increase for Africa. Domestic tourist would also increase. And Zambia safari would be a direct beneficially of this consented global effort.


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