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Monday, September 05, 2005

Lower Jet Fuel Price Boosts Zambia Safari

Last Friday, Zambia’s Energy and Water Development minister George Mpombo announced that the government had removed duty on jet fuel with immediate effect. Mpombo said the move was aimed at making Zambia’s jet fuel internationally competitive. His ministry’s long-term plan is to reduce the price of jet fuel further through liaison with the local airlines.

Aviation Association of Zambia (AVIAZ) president Jacob Chisela said yesterday that he was happy with the measure. Chisela believes that a low price will help promote Zambia safari. Being in south central of Africa Zambia is in a gateway position, the hub of African travel.

There are a lot of flights that traverse this country going South, East, North and West. The pilots will be glad to stop over for refueling. And the flights will pick up a few passengers too! It stands to reason that Zambia safari will be your first stop, and a one stop “safari shop” too.

...And Zambian tourism will benefit from the airline traffic from Southern Africa to the rest of the continent and the outside world.

AVIAZ plans to negotiate with the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) supplying aviation fuel in Zambia to reduce the price further.

Then all will be happy and the tourism industry in Zambia will contently grow.


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