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Thursday, October 27, 2005

At 41 Zambia is Still an Oasis of Peace

This week on Monday Zambia celebrated her 41st independence anniversary. Zambia gained her sovereignty on October 24, 1964. The remembrance brought forth happiness and sadness. But why? The memories of political slavery, bloodshed during the fight for independence and the ecstatic feeling of freedom, ie freedom from colonialism and imperialism…

At 41 Zambia is still an oasis of peace in Africa. A peace haven surrounded by many civil strives in the past many decades. And in the next nine years Zambia will be fifty years old. By all standards she is poised to celebrate the half a century (50 years) of independence in peace and tranquility. But that’s because the country’s motto is “One Zambia One Nation.” It has served the country well.

My Reminiscence

Zambia was born with a silver spoon in its mouth, or should I say a copper spoon? The first 10 years of independence were rosy what with the high copper prices. There was excitement in the air, hope and expectations and life was generally buoyant. The leaders were young, revered and respected. You could see a spring in the foot steps of all Zambians, at least in most!

It didn’t take long for the bubble to burst. And it did shortly in the mid 1970’s, a mere decade later. The energy prices had quadrupled. Revenues from copper sales had dropped like a stone and the communist economic policies did not help much. The leaders not so young and not so respected, corruption and all had set in. Inevitably the bite of economic quagmire could be felt everywhere. The honeymoon was over!

But after thirty years there is a new revival. Fortunately, the pendulum is slowly swinging in favour of economic growth. The micro- and macro-economic indicators are prospective. The Growth National Product (GDP) for next year is expected to be 7 percent up from 5 percent this year 2005.

…So be part of this buoyant potential that Zambia is. And not to be left behind is Zambia safari with its greatest of potential never seen anywhere. And that is Africa’s best kept secret…the Zambia safari!


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