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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Donnavventura Adventure in Zambia

Donnavventura an Italian girls’ adventure team of twelve was in Zambia in the last week of September 2005. The team of young ladies is on a 25,000 kilometre-driving tour of the wilderness in Africa. Donnavventura Adventure is a sponsored endurance and fun travel programme that goes to the remotest pasts of the world. Southern Africa was the choice this time. And these twelve lucky ladies were picked from 15,000 applicants.

Donnavventura Adventure has a lot of similarities with Big Brother House, a television reality show. The girls have to adapt to everything ranging from strict diet, reduced bathing times, reduced sleeping hours, etc…

Like in Big Brother failure to abide by the rules rewards instant removal from the programme. Loss of equipment attracts the same punishment. This adventure travel has been running for ten years now and it’s still growing popular. The Donnavventura visit to Zambia like the rest of the tour will be televised to more than 114 million viewers world wide.

The trip was sponsored by South African Airways, Ferrino, and Mitsubishi Motors who provided the 4 x 4 Rodeo pick ups which the girls are driving in around. Near Mpika town the adventure girls visited Kapisha hot springs where they enjoyed its warm water. They took a bath and of course a swim in the hot water. The water is considered to have medicinal powers for various ailments. Wow! This medicinal water bubbles out of tiny springs that emanate about one kilometre deep into the ground.

Laura Josephine Diamaiuta a members of the Donnavventura Adventure particularly liked Zambia. She could not hide her excitement, “Zambia’s landscape is incredible, the people are so warm and the cultural values are so cherished. I am so amazed to see a people that are so proud of their traditions.”

The adventure team entered Zambia from Tanzania through the Nakonde border town. They drove westwards to Mbala near Lake Tanganyika. Then they travelled through Kasama, Mpika to Lusaka, Zambia’s capital city. Later they visited Lake Kariba in the Gwembe Valley at the tail end of the Great Rift Valley of East Africa. They also visited Siavonga Zambia’s latest safari town on the lakeshore.

Finally the adventure team arrived in Livingstone to sample other Zambian tourist attractions, …the Victoria Falls on Africa’s fourth largest river, the wild Zambezi River and the many adventures around the 9 gorges of Batoka.


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