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Friday, July 22, 2005

Livingstone City ‘Rehabs’ for Zambia Safari

The Livingstone City has geared up to support Zambia safari. The civic ‘fathers’ have contracted J.J Lowe a construction company to start rehabilitation works in Livingstone. Town Clerk George Kalenga and the ministry of Local Government and Housing have confirmed this.

But why Livingstone? …Because Livingstone city is Zambia’s tourist capital and the campaign "Visit Zambia 2005" focuses on the town.

The rehabilitation programme, which is financed by the World Bank Support to Economic Expansion and Diversification (SEED), will cover extensive overhaul of the infrastructure to accommodate the expected expansion of business in the tourist capital. And the international arrivals (tourists) too!

The rehabilitation works will involve constructing new public lavatories, overhauling the sewerage and the drainage systems, providing new equipment for museums, rehabilitating the tourism centre, Mukuni Park, training of curio (artifact) dealers, etc. This will add a new face to the city.

Other works on the cards are total resurfacing and the applying of asphalt on roads, repairing bridges and relocating the taxi ranks in order to decongest the town’s central business district. And the municipal council will receive a new grader too, for on going repair works.

By next year, said George Kalenga, the town will have new roads to support the promotion and marketing of Zambian tourism and to receive visitors.


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