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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Zambia Safari at Japan Expo 2005

Zambia Safari attended its national week through trade and culture at the bi-annual Expo 2005 in Haichi, Japan. Zambia’s participation was to showcase her potential in tourism, trade and culture. The Zambian delegation used the Expo 2005 in Japan to enhance the Visit Zambia 2005 campaign.

The Zambian Local Government and Housing Minister, Sylvia Masebo and the Okasaki Mayor Justina Wake were expected to attend a luncheon to mark the twinning of Zambia’s Lusaka and the Japanese city of Okasaki.

The Zambian delegation was also expected to hold a business forum dubbed the "Zambia Business Seminar" to discuss trade between the two cities as well as between Japan and Zambia.

Meanwhile the Zambia National Dancing Troupe who were part of the Zambian delegation sent Japanese fans agog with their dance antics and songs during the Zambia national week.

Thousands of Japanese audience could not hide their excitement as they watched dances and listened to songs by the Zambian dancing troupe at the African arena. The Vimbuza and the Nyau dances which are part of Zambia’s traditional ceremonies moved the crowds into the dance floor.

The Japanese now know what Africa’s best kept secret is…Zambia safari!!


  • At 2:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You got your facts all wrong. Justina Wake is Director Tourism at the Ministry of Tourism and not the mayor of Okazaki City. The city is Okazaki not Okasaki and it is Aichi not Haichi. Lastly, enhancment of the vist Zambia Campaign was just one of the objectives. Mainly it was Trade and Investment as you should be aware that it is the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry coordinating Zambia's participation.

  • At 2:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh another error. expos are nto biannual events they happen every five years....and each expo bears the name of the year it falls in. You refer to Expo 2005 as a biannual event- where do you get your informationfrom??? You are misleading people.


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