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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tourism Investment for Zambia Safari

The Zambia safari’s wildlife estate consists of 19 national parks and 34 game management areas. That’s a whopping 30 percent of Zambia’s 752,614 square kilometers. In this estate there are not less than 749 bird species and over 200 species of mammals recorded… and the counting continues!

Zambia’s local government and housing minister Sylvia Masebo said this to the Nagoya Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Japan during the Expo 2005.

Investment opportunities are huge. “For example, of the 19 national parks only four have been developed, thereby presenting investment opportunities in the remaining 15 parks.” Masebo also mentioned that other “opportunities also existed in adventure activities such as white water rafting, bungee jumping and abseiling…

With the low population to land ratio of 15 people per square kilometre Zambia is sparsely populated. The country has tracts and tracts of empty land… That’s why the slogan, “teeming wildlife in pristine wilderness..." So it makes good business sense to invest in Zambia because of the abundant unexploited, natural and cultural resources.

The liberalised economy has brought positive macroeconomic environment. The interest rates and inflation levels are on the downward trend…not common in Africa. The low custom tariffs and the political stability since independence in 1964 make Zambia a safe and secure investment destination. Add to that a developed financial service, banking and a stock exchange. And in addition there are no foreign currency exchange controls making Zambia just about the only country in Africa.

Masebo said more opportunities for investment in Zambian tourism existed in the provision of first class accommodation for top class hotels, lodges, camps and restaurants. And the Zambian government encourages the principle of Private-Public Partnership.


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