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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Zambia Safari on Precious Stones

Zambian gemstone miners held a “Gemstone and Tourism Exhibition” at the Victoria Falls near Livingstone. The exhibition, the second organised by the Kalomo Miners’ Association (KMA) was funded by the European Union’s Mining Sector Diversification Programme (MSDP). 20 Zambian exhibitors were in attendance.

KMA vice-secretary Chief Kalembwe said they were holding their exhibition for the second time in Livingstone, Zambia’s tourist capital, to help promote the Visit Zambia 2005 campaign.

Kalembwe urged government, “The gemstone industry has got the potential to grow. The gemstone business can lift the economy of our country only if it is supported by government and other stakeholders.”

So besides tourism business opportunities also exist in precious stones. And for the market… The Canadian government has waived tariff barriers on least developed countries. And Zambian exports including gemstones to Canada have no tariff barriers.

Zambia is the leading producer of precious and semi-precious gemstones worldwide with varieties such as emerald, amethyst, garnet, tourmaline, citrine, among others. Most of the finished and semi-finished gemstone products are exported worldwide.

Namakau Kaingu chairperson of the Women in Mining Association (WMA) and Zambia’s special representative to the United Nations on women in mining attended the national event. Her opinion?

"It's NOW Zambia safari in precious tones."


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