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Monday, August 08, 2005

Zesco Investment Powers Zambia Safari

By 2010 Zesco , a Zambian electricity supply company, will increase its power generation capacity to 4500 Megawatts (MW). This increase is more than 60 percent and will also increase power for Zambia safari .

This is possible because many Zambian rivers are suitable for harnessing hydroelectricity.

Senior manager, public relations Monica Chisela said the increase in power out put from the current 1,608 MW to 4,500 MW would make Zambia sufficient in electricity. This will increase consumer access from 22 per cent to 50 per cent. That’s more energy to support economic development and the Zambian tourism too!

The central location of Zambia in south-central Africa is a strategic advantage. Power can be generated for export to the region. And the anticipated regional power deficit in 2007 will be prevented. “We are preparing ourselves for this deficit both locally and internationally to take advantage of the central location and be able to export,” said Ms Chisela.

The planned rehabilitation works involve the up rating of the generation capacity at Kafue Gorge power station and at Kariba North Bank power station.

The new projects are the construction of new hydroelectric power stations:
  • One in Kafue Gorge Lower in conjunction with Sinohydro of China at a of cost of US$120 million.
  • Another at the Itezhi-tezhi dam with the assistance of Farab of Iran (US$600 million).
  • And the installation of two new generators at Kariba North Bank.

Ms Chisela said the design details, implementation and construction of the Kafue Lower, were expected to commence early 2006 while the expected completion for the Itezhi-tezhi project is estimated for 2008/09.

…And what is the good news? The Victoria Falls power station is a sacred “cow.” It will not be touched. That’s because the Victoria Falls area is the cradle of Zambia safari and a world heritage site. And all conservationists can have a field day!


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